What is Design Build?

“Design Build” is a new term that has been applied to the age-old “Master Builder” paradigm that existed for thousands of years before nearly disappearing within the last century. Historically, Master Builders were the architect and builder in one. They were well-versed in many trades before they came to influence the design of buildings. With their own hands and within the Guild System, they learned to master stone, wood, metal, glass, etc. This intimate knowledge of buildings, materials and the process made them sensible and practical as designers as well as very effective and respected leaders as builders. 

Design Build is an approach to building that improves and streamlines the design and building process by bringing the key disciplines of design, engineering and building under one roof—once more. The owner can communicate with one person, rather than a series of individuals. The design, engineering and building are treated as one interwoven fabric to create smarter buildings with better design and engineering for much less expense and in far less time. This is our approach to cost-effectively designing and making buildings of substance that are aesthetically beautiful while being highly functional. They are designed to serve your needs.

About Berkshire Mountain Design Build

Berkshire Mountain Design Build LLC is an all-inclusive residential design and building company specializing in conventional and timber framed structures, new construction and restoration. Operating within the design build paradigm, we are able to reduce costs and building schedules by eliminating disparate parties in the design and building process. At Berkshire Mountain Design Build, the design, engineering, building systems, and construction are all coordinated seamlessly and under one roof by one team of educated, trained, and experienced professionals in architectural design, engineering, building, building science, and advanced timber framing.