What is Timber Framing?

Timber Framing is the art and craft of creating buildings of wood, practiced across the globe for thousands of years. The wood/timber is joined to create a building frame using mortise and tenon joinery and wooden pegs. This is done by hand with a variety of hand tools, each leaving unique textures and signatures that cannot be duplicated. There are many styles of timber framing that can be applied to any type of project. On-site or locally-sourced trees can be used for timber and boards for flooring, siding and trim.

About Berkshire Mountain Design Build

Berkshire Mountain Design Build LLC is an all-inclusive residential design and building company specializing in conventional and timber framed structures, new construction and restoration. Operating within the design build paradigm, we are able to reduce costs and building schedules by eliminating disparate parties in the design and building process. At Berkshire Mountain Design Build, the design, engineering, building systems, and construction are all coordinated seamlessly and under one roof by one team of educated, trained, and experienced professionals in architectural design, engineering, building, building science, and advanced timber framing.